Infrared heating is the heating of the future. It’s more efficient than central heating, and it looks so much better. Installing it so easy, too, and that’s not where the advantages end – allow me to introduce you to a couple more…IR panel on wall

Making the Switch

Whilst making the switch to infrared heating may sound daunting, it doesn’t need to at all. It’s very easy to do, thanks to the simple installation of the panels. Whether you’re replacing an old heating system, or installing heating for the first time, an infrared heater should be your first port of call. Infrared heating is flexible enough to be used at the home, or in more commercial properties such as offices and warehouses.

What’s in The Box

Not much, really! Obviously, there’s the infrared heating panel. This is made mostly from aluminium, a strong, sturdy material that’s also recyclable. It’s the same as what makes up drinks cans, aeroplane parts, and beer kegs. Don’t worry though, these panels are much stronger than aluminium foil or drinks cans! The aluminium surface is the part that emits the heat, with a surface temperature of around 75-95˚C. This is what heats the objects in the room, rather than the air around it. The power cable is connected to the panel at the rear, with a generous 3 metres of heavy-duty flex cable, and a UK 3-pin plug. The brackets are mounted on the rear of the panel, with the screws provided in the box. If you’ve purchased one of our brilliant NXTGEN panels, then you will also be supplied with the fantastic remote control, for even better control over your product and all its features. NXTGEN Panel

Installing These Panels

To install this panel onto your wall, you’ll only need to follow a few basic steps. These panel heaters are extremely easy to install. They’re not just easy for a plumber or electrician to install – they’re a completely one-person job. There’s actually no professional help required – the panels are fully plug-and-play compatible. All you have to do is use the stencil that’s provided with every infrared panel. Just draw through the holes, and you’ll know where you have to drill the holes in the wall. Insert a couple of screws into the wall, and you’re ready to mount the panel. Align the rear brackets with the screws, rest it on top, and there you have it in. All you have to do is plug it in, and you’re ready to go. It takes just a matter of minutes!

Where to Put it

With an infrared heating panel, you’re a little spoilt for choice. Unlike a conventional radiator, which has to be installed at floor level, you can install an infrared heater high on the wall, or even on the ceiling. That’s because they don’t just heat the air in front of them, so you don’t need to worry about any warm air rising away from you. This means you have almost complete freedom with regards to the location of the panel, although we recommend you don’t block it with furniture. Make sure it’s installed away from prying hands who may get a surprise if they accidentally touch it! Our infrared heating panels are also designed to slot directly into a suspended grid ceiling, for maximum discreetness. panel on wall

Maintenance? What Maintenance?

Because these panels are so simply constructed, with no moving parts at all, there’s very little that can go wrong with an infrared panel. This means you can save a fortune on your maintenance, as well as your heating bills. A new boiler can cost between £1000 and £3000, which don’t last too long compared to an infrared heater. An annual service for a boiler can also cost around £150 every time. Gas boilers tend to last around 15 years, which isn’t too long considering the cost of buying them and then servicing them. An infrared heating panel can actually last for 30 years, doubling a boiler’s lifespan! This means you get a longer lifespan, no need to pay for spare parts or servicing, and no maintenance at all – it’s a no brainer! Plus, there’s no water involved at all with an infrared heater, just electricity. This means that in the winter, when the pipes have frozen or burst, due to the cold, your infrared heater will keep going.

Any Extra Information

These panels are extremely easy to keep clean, so don’t worry about that. All you have to do is give it a quick wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Just make sure that the panel is off, first! If you’d like to order one of our fantastic infrared heating panels, or you’d simply to talk about infrared heating in general, give one of our customer service team a call today on 0116 321 4124. You can also email us at, as well as liking our Facebook page, our Instagram and following us on Twitter.