Infrared heating technology is a revolutionary technology that not many people know about. A lot of people don’t know how it works, or how many panels you’ll need in your room. We’re here to give you a bit of guidance on how many panels in your bedroom.

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Calculating The Amount of Panels

There’s actually a really simple method to work it out. First, you need to work out the size of your room. We just need the height, width, and length, to give the volume of your room in m3. Next up is the level of insulation that your room has. An easy guide is as follows:

  • Poor insulation (home built pre-1930) – 30W per m3.
  • Moderate insulation (home built 1930-80) - 25W per m3.
  • Good insulation (home built after 1980, or has been reinsulated) – 20W per m3.

Then, just multiply the required wattage by the volume of your room to work out how much power you need.  Check out the guide to work out which panels you need for the amount of power.

Bedroom Number One

The first example is for a bedroom that measures just 3m x 3m x 2.4m. This gives us a volume of 21.6m3. The house is brand new, so should have good insulation. 21.6 x 20 gives us a requirement of just 432W. This means that a 580w would be absolutely perfect for you. If you prefer more or less heat, then we have a large range of different heater sizes.

Bedroom Number Two

This bedroom is slightly larger, at 4m x 5m x 2.5m. Multiplied together, this gives us a volume of 50m3. Unfortunately, it’s an old house, built in 1926, with poor insulation. This means that we need 30W per m3. 30 x 50 is 1500W, so you could get a 1200W and a 350W, or a 900W and a 580W.

Bedroom Number Three

This bedroom is differently sized, yet again. It is much larger, with a taller ceiling, meaning it measures 6m x 5m x 3m. This gives us a volume of 90m3. It has moderate insulation, meaning you need 25W per m3. Multiplied together, you’d need 2250W. Two 1200W heaters would be perfect.

How to Order Your Panels

It’s much easier than you think – it’s just a new technology that you’re perhaps not familiar with. If you need any extra help with anything you’ve seen at Surya Heating, or need assistance ordering with us, then get in touch.

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