We’re entering a new green phase in our lives. With green energy on the rise, plastic bans being discussed and implemented, and more and more recycling taking place, it’s great to see that more is being done to help the environment. That is why our Infrared Heating panels are brilliant – they’re eco-friendly, saving you both money and power.

infrared heating panel

How Do They Do This?

It’s all down to how these panels actually work. Rather than using gas, like central heating, they use electricity to generate the heat. This powers the infrared waves that flood the room, heating up objects and not the air. This is similar to how the sun works, yet without any nasty radiation.

The heat is even, so you don’t need to worry about any warm air currents, or humid and stuffy air. That’s because it’s the objects that absorb the heat, not the air. This also limits mould growth and cold spots like no conventional radiators can.

Also, you can turn individual panels on and off a lot easier than individual radiators, which means you’ll only heat what’s absolutely necessary. This saves you from wasting energy on heating rooms that aren’t being used.

The Full Details

Compared to other types of heaters, Infrared Heating uses a lot less power. Measured in kW/h (kilowatts per hour), an electric fire uses around 2.0kW/h. Electric fan heaters use around the same, whereas a standard convector and an oil-filled heater will use around 1.0 to 1.5 kW/h.

An Infrared Heating panel will, however, use between 0.29 and 0.8 kW/h, depending on how big the panel is. Although an IR panel is an investment, it doesn’t take too long to pay back, based on the savings you can make.

You see, with a monthly saving of £28.64, you can save a fortune on your heating bill every month, and pay back the initial investment in just a few months! It’s not just your pockets it’s better for, but the environment, too.

Feature IR Heating Panel Electric Radiator
Wattage of Heater 720W 1500W
Units of electricity used in kW/h 0.72 kW/h 1.5 kW/h
Units of electricity used over 30 day month (assumed 9 hours a day of usage) 172.8 kW 360 kW
Cost of electricity over 30 days £26.56 £55.20

Infrared Gets The Green Light

Thanks to their low, low energy usage, IR heating panels create a smaller carbon footprint, which means less environmental damage. They are also made from 100% recyclable materials. The surface and frames are made from aluminium, which is completely recyclable – as shown through household recycling of drinks cans, for example.NXTGEN Panel

The Eco-Friendly NXTGEN Heaters

With our new NXTGEN heaters, they are much more eco-friendly. With a 39 out of a maximum 40% score, these heaters are unbelievably efficient, thanks to their headline features. Our NXTGEN heaters come equipped with an electronic temperature control with week timer, open window technology, and adaptive start control!This means a few different things:

  • Our Infrared panels regulate the temperature in your room for you, only turning on when necessary.
  • The Smart Start technology ensures that the panels switch on in the morning at exactly the right time to warm your room up when you wake.
  • If it detects the window is open, it switches off, to avoid wasting energy trying to heat the room.
  • You can set different timers throughout the week, to make your life easier.

Don’t forget, our panels are a much more energy-efficient method of heating, and can save you up to 60% on your heating bills.Infrared Heating panels will save you a great deal more when you use them alongside a thermostat, as you’ll be able to accurately control the amount of energy they consume. That’s why our NXTGEN heaters are so brilliant – the thermostat is built in!

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