Here at Surya, we are big fans of IR heating and want to bring it to you for a good price, with a stylish look and with ultra-modern technology.

Sooner or later, they will replace convection heaters and we are here to help you be clued up about IR before the revolution takes place.

What Is Infrared?

Starting with the basics, Infrared is a type of electromagnetic energy that travels in waves, at the speed of light.

It is completely natural and is the same kind of heat we feel from the Sun – the only difference being our IR Panels do not emit UV rays which are harmful to you.

So, How Does Infrared Heating Work?

Incorporating IR technology into heating is somewhat of a genius idea.

Our panel and heaters beam out far infrared waves into your room that bounce off of objects and people. Once hit, the object or person will absorb some of this heat and then radiate it back out to the rest of the room for this process to repeat itself.

Infrared vs. Convection

Convection currents occur when light and warm air from your heater rises, whilst heavy and cool air will sink down to the floor. This will move in a circular pattern causing a current.

Opposing to convection currents, our IR panels use radiant heating. This is when people and objects are heated – rather than the air. It is highly energy efficient, comfortable and much safer for humans.

The main point to remember is that infrared panels will work to heat the objects in a room, rather than heat the air in a room.

Why You Should Switch To Infrared Heating

Infrared heating also works to save you a lot of money as they use less energy to heat objects instead of more to heat the air. Being highly energy efficient, IR panels covert 98% of their energy into heat to only waste a tiny 2%.

They are also zero maintenance as there are no moving components on the panel. Therefore, you will have no stress during colder months or big repair bills.

IR panels also save you space as they can be mounted high onto walls so, you can style your room with more freedom and they are incredibly thin so won’t protrude from the wall. Get an image panel to blend the heater into your décor and make them look a part of the furniture.

The Student Becomes The Master

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