With winter officially upon us, it is even more important to heat your home in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. What’s worse is that people stop using the extra space a conservatory provides, simply because it gets so cold in there. This is where Infrared Heating Panels come in. Their technology produces the same heat as the sun, and won’t be lost in the poor insulation of a conservatory.

What Makes Conservatories So Difficult To Heat?

Many people with conservatories know the difficulty with the changing weather. The summer months make them incredibly hot, but at least then there is the option to open doors and windows. Winter, on the other hand, creates many issues, as it is practically impossible to maintain a comfortable heat, and if you do, your bills will be through the roof.

The large space paired with a mainly glass set up makes for a poor insulation throughout the room. The fundamental issue is that the poor thermal properties cause the heat to leak much quicker than in insulated rooms.

This is why it is essentially pointless to use a convection method to heat the conservatory. Convection works by heating the air, which rises and then cools, creating a current. However, in this large space, the hot air will rise and be cooled much quicker due to the cold glass ceiling. The only way to counteract this is to have the heating on a higher temperature, and to have it on longer, which is extremely expensive.

A Modern Solution

Thankfully, there is now an effective heating method, that will even be able to save you up to 60% on your bills. Infrared Heating is the best alternative and will comfortably heat the area in the most efficient way possible.

The easiest way to explain their heat is to think of how it feels when you’re in the sun, as it is the exact same heat and radiation. Don’t be scared however, as there are no harmful UV rays emitted whatsoever, and the far infrared used is completely safe, and even beneficial to the body.

The way it works is by emitting the infrared radiation waves, which heats objects, including yourself, directly. This means no heat is lost from draughts or by the poor insulation of the glass exterior. On top of this, they will warm up incredibly quick, and you will feel the effects in an instant.

Safe, sturdy and discreet are just a few of the words that can be used to describe our products. For the conservatory in particular, we recommend going for a bar heater. They can kick out a lot of heat, while still using very little power, making it the most eco-friendly and efficient way to warm the hard to heat area.

For something slightly more obscure, we would suggest the Helios range, as they are much slimmer and will fit into the conservatory with ease. The straightforward installation just requires you to fit the brackets onto the wall, and then screw the heater into place, simple!

This particular heater could sufficiently warm a conservatory measuring up to 38m². The infrared waves will penetrate the area, with the objects absorbing some heat, then re-emitting the rest to create an ambient temperature throughout. However, we wouldn’t recommend allowing the panel to face the garden, so the heat cannot dissipate through the glass.

Alternatively, you could go for a Classic IR Panel if you want to keep it minimal, just make sure you get a high wattage. Or you could go for a couple of panels for better distribution of heat. We recommend going for the NXTGEN panels so you can completely control it using a remote control.

Luckily, these panels can practically be fitted anywhere, from the wall to the ceiling. However, it cannot be installed onto the glass exterior of conservatories, as it does need to be drilled onto a hard surface. Or you could have it free-standing on a set of our panel stands for those times you want it in front you while you’re getting cosy reading a book or watching TV.

We particularly love when the white panels are installed on the ceiling of the conservatory, as it is out of the way and distributes the heat perfectly.

These panels are also remote controllable and are fully LOT20 compliant. By taking the heating into your hands, you can:

  • Set it on a seven-day timer.
  • Regulate the room temperature with the automated temperature control.
  • Use adaptive start.
  • Then, you can take advantage of open window detection, especially helpful for conservatories.

You won’t have any hassle once it has been installed and as there are no moving parts it won’t need to be serviced, and will last you for up to 100,000 hours.

However, there is a quota of what wattage you will need dependant on the room size and how well insulated it is. We have an online calculator, or for accurate results contact our advisors.

Talk To Us

For your peace of mind, you can even test out our products with our handy 14-day trial period, so you can experience the heat before fully committing to the purchase.

We do understand how difficult it can be dealing with new technology, which is why our team of specialists are here to help. If you want to add in our energy-efficient alternative to any other areas of the home, or you’re not sure how many panels you will need, get in touch on 0116 321 4124.

You can also reach us by emailing us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or by messaging us on our Facebook or Twitter.