Every bathroom has two things: a mirror, and a heater, so why not conserve space and mix the two together? With the power of infrared, this is definitely more than possible, and will be the most efficient yet stylish way of doing up your bathroom.

Infrared Mirror Heater In Modern Bathroom.

What many people don’t know is that infrared heat has been around for years, it’s just the technology that has changed. In recent years, it has been refined, allowing it to become a useful bit of a tech that can be safely used within the home.

How Does IR Work?

Infrared heating works in a much more energy-efficient way in comparison to a standard convection heater. This is because convection heating actually heats the air - creating a convection current. This, in turn, causes the hot air to rise, while the denser cooler air is pushed below. As it is a current, it also means that dust particles, bacteria and general allergens are circulated within the air, having negative effects on those with respiratory issues.

On the other hand, infrared is completely different. It is actually a type of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum. Don’t let this scare you though – it is 100% safe. Our heaters use far infrared which is now widely recognised as a natural form of health care and is used in physiotherapy and health saunas.

Essentially how it works is that the radiation waves heat objects themselves, including you. These objects store some heat and re-emit the rest, creating an ambient temperature that isn’t lost by opening doors or drafts.

How Can Electricity Be Used In The Bathroom?

While it’s true that not all appliances can be used in a bathroom, many can. This solely depends on the IP Rating and the method/placement of installation. The IP rating, in Layman’s terms, is how protected a product is from the elements, like water for example. Electrical appliances with a suitable IP Rating ie: IPX4, can only be installed, and that’s the very minimum.

We do however recommend that bathroom fittings should only be installed by a certified electrician, strictly for your safety.

After installation, (which is usually done by cutting off the plug and fitting into the spur within the wall), we highly recommend connecting the panel to one of our external thermostats, or any other compatible thermostat including: Hive or Honeywell.

Benefits On The Bathroom

A common misconception is that heating doesn’t affect mould growth, instead, it directly impacts it. In fact, when buildings or specific rooms are not heated or ventilated correctly, excess moisture occurs. This is essentially what causes the damp and mould issues.

However, infrared is a drier, purer form of heat that dries out walls from the inside, eliminating mould growth.

On top of this, thanks to the reduction of moisture, there is little to no condensation, meaning the mirror won’t steam up.

What Options Do I Have?

Thankfully, our panels are IP54 rated, meaning they’re safe for use in the bathroom. Yet, our most popular options do tend to be the Mirror IR Panel as it makes the most sense to have a mirror here.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, we recommend different wattage panels. For example, smaller bathrooms will only require the 450W Mirrored Infrared Heating Panel as it can efficiently heat an area sized 7.5m².

Or, our largest mirror is sufficient to heat a room sized 12m², using just 700W of power. Although it may be larger at 595mm x 1195mm, it is still incredibly discreet, being slim enough to fit snug onto your wall.

Alternatively, why not take a look at our Glass Panels? Available in either white or black, they add a truly modern feel and can really liven up a minimalist area.

Meet in the middle with the 580w Quartz Glass Infrared Heating Panel. We do have one smaller, and one larger, but the 580W tends to give the perfect output. Additionally, you can make it much more practical, and add a singular or multiple towel rails to the fitting. This will heat your towels so you can get all cosy as soon as you get out of the shower.

As mentioned above, our IR Heating panels are best controlled from a thermostat. It may cost slightly more initially, but you can actually end up saving 60% on your bills simply down to how efficient they are.

For standard use, the Salus RF Digital Programmable Thermostat is the best option. In your order, you will receive a receiver and the thermostat itself which allows you to control the temperature. On top of this, it has 7-day programming which essentially means you can place the panel on a timer.

We know that getting up in the morning to a cold house is the worst, which is why the timer option is so helpful. It ensures your bathroom is nice and toasty for your morning shower, giving you that needed motivation to get out of bed.

Another option is to wirelessly connect it to Hive, or have it linked to a PIR sensor. The PIR Sensor is the best option for saving money, as the panels will only be on when you actually need them to be.

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