People are constantly finding ways to create new space in their home and we’re always looking for innovative ways to save it. Home furnishing companies such as IKEA have provided storage solutions to meet people’s wants and needs, but what if I was to tell you that you could save space with your heating system?

Conventional Heaters Create Dead Space

Until our Infrared Heating Panels, there haven’t been a lot of cost effective and discreet methods of heating that don’t create dead space. Dead space is the area in front of the heater than can’t be used as it will block in the heat, meaning that even though there is room, it can’t be used for anything.

Infrared Panel Heaters Save Space

With a thickness of 22mm, Surya Heating’s Infrared Panels can be affixed either high up on a wall or a ceiling, therefore solving the problem of dead space. Unlike conventional heaters, the problem with dead space will be solved in a matter of moments by placing the panel, plugging it into a standard 240V mains supply and they’re producing heat immediately!

Infrared Heating Panels Are Stylish And Discreet

Infrared Heating Panels, available in a variety of different types/sizes, will revolutionise the look of your room as they’re incredibly subtle and can be seen as something other than a heater.

Whether you wish to choose from our range of Image Panels or choose your own image to be printed on one of our Custom IR Panels, the limits are almost endless or what image you’d like on your panel. If an image isn’t for you, there are also White Infrared Panel Heaters, available in six different sizes. The most discreet heaters of our range are considered to be the Mirrored IR Heating Panels- leaving people confused as to where the heat is coming from!

Inconstant Heat- The Problem With Convectional Heaters

Just because convectional heating is the typical method of warming up people’s homes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best as there are now new and improved methods, such as Infrared Heating.  Convection creates a warm area directly in front of the heater; however the areas further away from the heater will suffer from cold spots or pockets of cooler air. So much heat is lost through convection heaters too, due to the fact that the warm air rises creating a massive difference between the floor and the ceiling

Infrared Panel Heaters Produce Consistent Heat

In comparison to traditional methods of heating, IR Panels use electromagnetic waves which stimulate molecules in objects/people, causing the mass itself to generate heat. It works in a very similar way to how the Sun heats the Earth every day!

The pockets of cold air are replaced by a constant warm glow because objects are heated directly, meaning there are fewer drafts. The infrared waves create a comfortable, all over warmth that seems to come from within.

IR Heating Panels Are Better For You

The Infrared Panels heat the walls and the furniture directly meaning that they remain dry. This means that they prevent dampness or any mould that would develop with convection heaters. The windows in your home will also have no moisture running down them.

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