We know it’s a big decision to switch your heating technique. Why would you deviate from the traditional radiator heating systems? Maybe, if there were many disadvantages to traditional heating systems, and a new technology just waiting to take over, you could take the plunge and feel the warmth.

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On that note, here are five reasons on why you should go with Infrared Heating…

Energy Efficiency

These heaters use far less energy than other traditional heaters, making their environmental impact much less pronounced. If we compare it to some other heaters, the difference is clear. Electrical energy-consumption is measure in kW/h (Kilowatts per hour):

Type of Appliance Energy Consumption (kW/h)
Regular Electric Fire 2.0
Fan Heater 2.0
Standard Convector Between 1.0 and 1.5
Oil-Filled Heater Between 1.0 and 1.5
Surya Infrared Heating Panel Between 0.29 and 0.8


The numbers for a Surya Infrared Heating Panel obviously depend on the size of the panel, with a smaller 600mm x 600mm (350w) panel being at the lower end of the scale, and a 900mm x 1200mm (1100w) occupying the higher end.

It’s not just the environmental impact you can cut down though – think of the costs of electricity. Switch to Infrared Heating and you can slash your heating bills by as much as 50%! Have a look at a thermostat, too. They’re so simple to use, just plug your heater into the thermostat, set the desired temperature, and allow the thermostat to do all the work for you. And they can save you a little extra, too!

Don’t forget – IR heaters don’t heat the air like traditional heaters, they heat the objects in the room – i.e. you. This means that a lot less heat is lost due to poor insulation, or open doors. This means they can be switched on for much less time, saving you a little extra cash.

Maintenance Costs

How much do new boilers cost? Lots? Plus, you have all the maintenance costs – labour, parts, waiting around in the cold for the person to come fix it…


Forget all that, with an Infrared Panel. Plug it in, it works. Unplug it, it’s off again. They’re so simple, they’re pretty difficult to break. In fact, there are no moving parts inside at all, so there’s virtually no maintenance required, and therefore no costs. Compare this to the regular servicing of a boiler, with all the little extra costs and you will really feel the difference.

To be fair, there may be a little maintenance… Give it a wipe with a dry, clean cloth to remove any dust!

Health Benefits

Okay, I hear you: how can a heater help my health? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Infrared heating is very similar to sunlight, as it’s an incredible healthy and natural process.  IR heaters work by exciting the molecules in our bodies and in objects, making them generate heat. This stimulates our circulatory systems, increasing blood flow and easing muscle ache. It produces a deep warmth, compared to normal heating which just warms the surface of the skin.
Red Blood Cell
It can also help people with breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis. Because it doesn’t create air currents, there’s nothing to circulate dust around the room, so it stays on surfaces and not in your lungs.

Compared to a radiator, IR heaters help prevent the development of mould and fungi, so there are no nasty spores to interfere with your breathing or health.

Dust-free air is so much better for contact-lens wearers too, as there’s less of an irritant. Humidity-stable, dust-free air is far superior for a living and working environment – plus, these heaters run silently, too!

A Premium Look that Stays Out the Way

Radiators can be a bit of a pain – you don’t want to block them in with furniture, which means they can really interfere with your interior design. However, you don’t have this problem with an IR heating panel. Because the heat they generate doesn’t heat the air, the heat it provides doesn’t rise, which means the heaters don’t need to be placed at floor level, like a radiator.

In fact, IR heaters can be installed on a wall, out of the way, or even on a ceiling. Some IR heaters even be just dropped into a suspended ceiling! This means you have far more space to innovate with your interior design, and still have a nice warm room. We offer Suspension Kits and Panel Stands, to make it far easier to have a professional panel installation.

One of the best things about panel heaters is how you can hide them in plain sight. Even the most generic panel heaters look like a minimalistic mounted canvas, rather than a bulky radiator. Check out our wide range of Image IR Panels, and you can disguise your heater as a piece of artwork hanging on your wall.

However, if you’d prefer something a little more familiar, then treat your home to a Custom IR Panel. Whether you want one of your holiday snaps, a family portrait, or your cute family dog, you can just email us a photo at images@suryaheating.co.uk, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll receive your premium, custom-printed IR Heating Panel in just 7-10 days – the fastest service in the UK!

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Finally, they’re simple to install. It just takes a couple of holes, a couple of screws, and you can slot your panel onto the wall. In terms of usage, it’s just as easy as turning it on and off. No troubles!

We’re super confident about the quality of our Infrared Panel Heaters – so much so that we give you a comprehensive 5-year warranty, and a 14-day trial!

So there you have it: five brilliant reasons on why you should switch to IR Heating. If you want to spend less, have better health, less maintenance, have a heater that looks good and helps out your interior design, and be nicer to the environment, then, well, you know what to do.

If you have any further questions about our IR panel heaters, then don’t be afraid to get in touch. Give us a call on 0116 321 4124, email us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or have a look at our Facebook and Twitter.