How To Look After Your Infrared Heating Panel

Surya Heating’s revolutionary new Infrared Panels are really starting to take the world of heating by storm in the UK, because people are beginning to realise how energy-efficient they are to run as well as being advantageous in many other ways.

In comparison with other forms of electrical heating, IR panel heaters consume a miniscule amount of power, so they won’t just save you money on your heating bill, they’re a lot more environmentally friendly too.

Incredibly straightforward to install, you can affix them to a wall or a ceiling, as well as using them as free-standing units when you purchase a pack of the special panel stands.

The technology behind them is also wonderfully simple, each unit consisting of an aluminium panel, an aluminium frame, a junction box, 3 metres of cable and a standard 3-pin plug.

Long Life/Minimal Maintenance

It’s this amazing combination of efficiency and simplicity that makes IR panel heaters so attractive to householders and business owners alike, especially when you also consider the fact that they’ll require virtually no maintenance throughout the duration of their 100,000 hour, 30 year lifespan.

You may think you’ve read that last part incorrectly because, how can a heater that requires no maintenance last that long, right?

Perhaps it’s because we’ve become so accustomed to relying on central heating systems that require regular and costly maintenance checks and services, that anything else just sounds unbelievable.

But the truth is that the very most maintenance you’ll ever have to carry out on one of our IR heating panels is an occasional wipe down with a soft, dry cloth to remove any collected dust.

For the sake of safety, it’s a good idea to wait until your IR panel cools down before cleaning it and, if you’ve purchased one of our pre-printed IR heating panels or a custom-printed IR panel, make sure you don’t use any harsh cleaning chemicals on their surface, as they may cause irreparable damage to the image.

Should your panel become marked for any reason, simply dampen the cloth ever so slightly and wipe the surface using broad, even strokes. If you are employing a damp cloth, please remember to unplug the device prior to cleaning.

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