600 x 1200 Printed IR Heating Panels

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Our 600 x 1200 Printed Infrared Heating Panels showcase our electric heaters capacity to blend into their surroundings like nothing else.

The panels themselves measure 600 x 1200mm, and are made of powder coated aluminium. This ensures they are perfectly safe to touch despite operating temperatures of up to 110oC.

The images that are printed on them set them apart from conventional radiators, which helps mask the fact that they are heaters. Wall mounting only adds to this, as it makes them look as though they are just printed images hung up on a wall.

One of our most popular options is the 600 x 1200 City Rush Printed Infrared Heating Panel, as it features a stunning time-lapse photograph of Atlanta, Georgia at night, capturing the atmosphere and hustle of an evening in the city.

If none of these images take your fancy, why not use your own, and go for one of our custom image IR panel heaters? With these, you can have any image you like printed on your panel – whether it’s family portraits or holiday snaps, you can have anything you like!

Panels That You Don’t Even Notice

As mentioned above, our panels blend in with your choice of decor like no other heaters on the market.

Our panels match all kinds of interiors because of the range of images available – you can choose from both urban and rural landscapes depending on your taste and colour scheme.

This differs massively from standard convection radiators, which are unable to have such images printed on them. On top of that, the areas you can use them in is limited as they have to be kept along the floor wherever your piping is installed.

Our panels can be mounted on the wall or ceiling away from the floor. This doesn’t just make your panel look like a printed image hung on the wall, but it also frees up your entire floor space too.

You don’t have to worry about where you place your furniture in relation to your heaters, as you won’t be blocking the heat. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities with the way you arrange your interior.

Infrared Panels Help Save You Money

Infrared panels work in a fundamentally different way to standard convection heaters. Whereas convection radiators heat the air up, infrared heat works by heating individual objects.

The easiest way to understand how this works is to look up towards our closest star, the sun. This is because it emits the same type of heat to keep us warm.

Just over half of the total energy emitted by the sun is infrared, and these infrared waves hurtle through space at the speed of light until they hit something. This could be a piece of debris, a moon, or a planet like ours.

When the waves hit our planet, our atmosphere helps absorb some of the heat, whilst the rest of re-emitted back out into space. It’s crucial to understand that this is how our planet stays warm, but the space between the sun and the earth is cool.

Our panels work in exactly the same way – they emit infrared waves that travel through a room until they hit an object, at which point some of the heat is absorbed, and some bounces off.

It has little bearing on the air in a room – instead, you feel the heat directly. The feeling is similar to when you step out of the shade and into the sunlight, and you feel the sun’s rays hitting your skin.

So how does this save you money? It takes less energy to heat surface area than it does volume of air, simply because there is less of it.

As a result, when we compare the amount of energy an electric convection heater uses to an infrared panel, our panels use considerably less.

The savings don’t stop there either. Our panels can be operated individually, which isn’t possible with a gas boiler. This means that you aren’t wasting energy heating rooms that you aren’t even using, giving you even more savings.

Free Shipping And 14 Day Returns

To make buying these panels even sweeter, we’ll ship them out to you for free. You could save even more too, by using our offers and discount codes. Further discounts are available for trade customers as well.

If you find that you’ve changed your mind about any of your purchases, then you can make use of our 14 day cancellation period. During this time, you’re eligible for a full refund or exchange. All you need to do is let us know what you want to do and send the panel back to us within a further 14 days.

Any unlikely faults further down the line are covered by our 2 year replacement warranty, giving you assurances going forward. This warranty is upgradable to 5 years at no additional cost too!

We’re Just A Phone Call Away!

If you have anything else you want to ask us, just get in touch by ringing 0116 321 4124. Alternatively, you can send us an email to sales@suryaheating.co.uk, or even use social media by posting on our Facebook page and letting us know what you think.