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Change the way you heat your home forever, with one of these amazing Custom Printed Infrared Heating Panels from Mirrorstone Heating.

If you have a family photo you’re proud of, or even if you have a favourite band or football team, you can have the images printed onto one of these panels and they’ll blend in with the rest of your décor so as to become virtually impossible to identify as a heater.

These custom IR heaters measure 995 x 1195mm and can be mounted both on a wall and a ceiling with the screws and fixing necessities you’ll find there in the box. You’ll also discover a very handy template that will tell you exactly where to position the holes to achieve a perfect installation.

IR heaters use electromagnetic waves to heat the objects in a room and not the air around them as old style convectors do. This is a very natural and safe way to heat a room as it’s the same method used by the Sun to heat the Earth.

How To Order Your Custom Printed IR Panel

Having your chosen image printed onto one of our panels is as easy as making any kind of online order, however, there are just a couple of extra steps you’ll need to take prior to us sending out the finished product.

  • Purchase the panel as you would anything else, ensuring it’s the correct size and wattage for your room.
  • Once your order is complete, you’ll need to send us the image you’d like printed on it, along with your name and order number. Send the e-mail to: images@suryaheating.co.uk
  • When we’ve received your e-mail, we’ll create a proof which will enable you to see what your finished panel will look like.

Please note that we won’t be able to print up your image panel until we’ve received your approval e-mail, so it’s important that you remember to send it.

Allow up to 7 days for us to complete the printing process – as soon as it’s done we’ll send it out to you via a next-day delivery service.

Customise Your Whole Home

At 1200 watts, these are the largest of our IR heaters, so it will be more than powerful enough to heat most moderately large rooms on its own, so you may wish to use it in a large living space.

Obviously all the rooms in your home aren’t going to require such a powerful heater, which is the reason we have an entire range of other sizes and wattages for you to choose from.

A small bedroom, for example, will only require a small heater, and we have just the thing in the 595 x 595mm model which will generate 360W of safe infrared heat.

If your dining room or office space is moderately sized, you may opt for the next most powerful models, the 600W or 720W.

Save Money With Infrared Heating

Infrared panel heaters work in a very different way to conventional heaters. They heat the surface of objects rather than just heating the air that’s in between them which is a much more energy-efficient and cost-effective process, and one that requires and consumes a great deal less electricity to power it.

This equates to reduced electricity bills for you; indeed, you’ll be able to reduce your heating costs by up to 60% with infrared!

They contain no moving parts, so there’s very little that can go wrong with them. This means they’ll require no servicing throughout their 30-years lives and, the only maintenance you’ll ever need to carry out on them is wiping them down with a soft cloth every now and then.

A Space-Saving Heating Solution

A great feature of these custom infrared panels is that you can have any image you choose printed directly onto their surface. This is unprecedented in the history of heating systems, and means that they’ll quite literally hide in plain sight.

Place an IR electric heater high on your wall or on your ceiling, and you’ll effectively free up the space that used to be taken up by that ugly and cumbersome storage heater or electric fire. It’ll streamline your room and you’ll say goodbye to “dead space”.

Live Better With Infrared Heat

Convection heaters heat the air and cause currents to spread dust and germs around a room which, in itself, is detrimental to our health.

But when combined with the fact that their convection currents cause dampness and promote mould-growth, you’ll begin to see why so many people are switching to Infrared heating that does none of these things.

Indeed, the infrared waves improve blood flow around the body, increasing the oxygen level in muscles and hastening recovery from injuries.

Protection For You Going Forward

Whenever you purchase one of our Surya Infrared custom printed heating panels, you’ll be protected against and premature component failure for 2 years (extendable to 5 years for free) by the unbeatable manufacturer’s replacement warranty.

However, given the fact that we produce these panels using your own images and to your individual specifications, we cannot offer a refund or an exchange under any circumstances.

All of our IR panels are shipped free-of-charge, and you’ll have the opportunity to save even more money when you apply the latest of our special discount codes to your Surya shopping cart.

We’re Waiting To Take Your Calls

Our friendly and professional customer service advisors is on hand and waiting to take your calls, so if you’d like to place an order or you’d simply appreciate a bit of IR heating-related advice, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0116 321 4124 or, if you’d prefer, you can send an email  enquiry to sales@suryaheating.co.uk.

We also have social media pages upon which you’re welcome to leave a comment or a review, so check us out on Facebook and Twitter!