600 x 600 Custom Print IR Panel Heaters

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If you’ve been considering making some long-overdue changes to the way you heat your home, then you’ll be interested to learn that there’s a revolutionary new way to go about it.

Yes, these Custom Printed Infrared Heating Panels from Mirrorstone won’t only irrevocably change the way you think about heating, they’ll also enable you to disguise them as a wall hanging picture!

If you’ve just returned from the holiday of a lifetime and brought back some great memories, why not send us one of those? Or if you’ve recently graduated from university and want to show off your mortar board and gown, let us print that on your custom IR heating panel. Their potential is limited only by your imagination!

They’re of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) construction and measure 595 x 595mm. They’ll achieve a surface temperature of up to 115oC, but due to their ability to efficiently dissipate heat, they’ll never burn you if you touch them accidentally.

Unbelievably simple to install, you’ll simply mount them on a wall or a ceiling, plug them into a standard mains power supply and then sit back and enjoy their 360 watts of 100% safe, radiant heat.

In the box, you’ll find the IR panel itself, together with all the screws and fixing materials necessary to ensure a perfect installation. There’s even a handy template in there, which will enable you to position the panel correctly on any surface you choose.

How To Order Your Custom Printed Panel

Ordering your custom image panel is really easy, however, there are just one or two extra steps you’ll need to take to ensure the process runs as smooth as silk.

Once you’ve ordered your panel in the usual way, e-mail your chosen image to us, together with your name and order number. The e-mail address is: images@suryaheating.co.uk.

We’ll then send you an e-mail proof version, showing how your panel will look.

You’ll need to let us know that you approve of the proof before we continue with your order.

Please note that we cannot print your panel until we have received a positive approval from you.

At this end, the printing process can take up to 7 days, after which we’ll dispatch it for delivery to you, completely free-of-charge.

So Many Great Choices!

The 600 x 600 custom printed IR panels, generating 360 watts are the most modestly-sized and powered models we have, but if your space is larger, you’ll require a heater with a little more oomph.

That’s no problem, because we have 600 x 1000 custom panels that will generate between 580 and 700 watts. While the features 600 x 600 panels will be great for a relatively small room like the spare bedroom, these larger panels will be better suited to moderately-sized living rooms and master bedrooms.

Larger still are the 800 x 1200s, which will emit 900 to 960 watts, but in order to achieve the maximum amount of heat for your quite large space, you’ll want to go for one of the 1000 x 1200 options, as they’ll produce a whopping 1200 watts of heat.

If having an infinite number of possible images on your wall is just too much for your brain to take right now, why not take a look through our vast array of pre-printed image IR heating panels? Okay, our selection isn’t infinite, but we think you’ll agree that it’s pretty substantial!

So How Does Infrared Heat Work?

Infrared panels work completely differently to any other mode of heating you’ve ever used before.

Indeed. Rather than heating the air in a room as conventional convection systems do, IR uses infrared waves to heat the objects directly, thus cutting out the middle man entirely.

The radiant waves bounce around the room, stopping only when they hit an object which absorbs some of the energy and re-emits it as heat.

You’ll see how this works in this infographic:COnvection vs. IR Heating - How Does Infrared Heating Work?

Are There Any Advantages To Infrared Heaters?

Indeed there are many advantages to installing infrared heaters in your home, and here are just a few of them:

They Provide Instantaneous Heat

Infrared panel heaters have two settings; they’re either on or off unless you use an energy-saving electronic thermostat to regulate the amount of heat they emit.

But if you want instantaneous heat there’s nothing better solution, because you’ll feel their warmth literally moments after you turn them on.

They’re Super Energy-Efficient

In comparison with the profligate convection heating systems we’ve used in our homes for so long, Infrared panels require only a tiny amount of electricity to run.

Heating objects rather than air is a much more energy-efficient method, and one that will cost you a great deal less when it comes to your electricity bill.

They’re Much Longer-Lasting

Compared to other forms of heating, IR panels have an extremely long life-expectancy, their 100,000 hour or 30 year expected lifespan outlasting conventional central heating boilers more than three times over.

And, with no moving parts to go wrong, they’ll never need to be serviced or maintained, which represents yet another opportunity to save.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Energy-efficiency, zero maintenance and longevity all point to the eco-friendliness of infrared heating panels but, when you factor in the 100% recyclable materials involved in their manufacture, you’ll truly begin to appreciate how environmentally friendly they really are.

They’re Discreet And Space-Saving

Install your 600 x 600 custom printed infrared panels on your walls, and you’ll marvel at the amount of formerly “dead” space they’ll save.

Use the space once inhabited by a cumbersome convection heater or electric fire for something productive like a bookshelf, or simply take advantage of the extra floor space – the choice is yours!

They’re also incredibly discreet, and you may even forget they’re heaters at all – until you switch them on, of course!

The Safer Heating Option

When you’ve installed your panels, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy IR heat that won’t cause any dampness, encourage mould or make the room feel stuffy as convectors do.

They’re also an excellent way to stimulate your circulatory system, so get that blood flowing with Infrared heating panels!

Our Manufacturer’s Warranty

As these IR panels are custom-made, we won’t be able to provide either a replacement or a refund for them under any circumstances.

But, we’re so confident in both their quality and reliability that they come complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty, so you’ll have peace-of-mind for years to come. You can also upgrade the warranty to 5 years at no extra cost!

You’ll also have the ability to save when you apply the latest special discount code to the contents of your Surya shopping cart, and when you become a trade customer too!

Get In Touch With Us Today!

Our great team of customer service agents is on hand to process your orders and to assist you with any infrared heating-related advice you might need, so give us a call today on 0116 321 4124.

You can also contact us through e-mail at: sales@suryaheating.co.uk , as well as leaving a comment or a review on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages.