Adding A Modern Touch To A 200 Year Old Home

Living in a beautiful home that is over 200 years old, we are not surprised that Phillip came to us for a heating solution.

(Infrared Heating) Mirror Mirror Panel On The Wall…

He purchased one of our stunning mirror panels for his bathroom to double as both a staple piece of furnishing and to keep him and his wife Marie toasty warm. This drastically reduces the cluttered look, of an already smaller space, as it stylishly combines the two.

Whilst it is very true that many appliances shouldn’t be used within a bathroom, some can – and our panels are no exception. This depends on the IP rating, which denotes how protected the object is to foreign objects and to water. Luckily the 450W Mirror is IP54 which means it is fully protected against splashes of water and will never cause Phillip any stress!

Gas vs Electric Heaters

As his bathroom had no access to the central heating, it made the most sense to opt for an Infrared panel as it is an electric heater and can be plugged directly into your standard mains input – making life a lot easier, and a lot warmer!

In addition to this, the energy-efficiency of our panels are shown when in compared to gas heaters. Measured in Kilowatts per hour, convectors will use 2kW/h on average. Infrared, on the other hand, uses just 0.29 – 0.8 kW/h.

They have chosen to pair it with an external thermostat for perfect and efficient control over their Far Infrared heating at all times. Thermostats also allow you to view the temperature and control it digitally.

“The panel was the perfect solution given that we also needed a mirror.”

After so many entries to our £100 gift voucher competition, Phillip’s name was drawn as our lucky winner!