Hot Yoga is surging in popularity, and it is no surprise why. This traditional exercise has been reinvented for the modern world, and has taken the market by storm featuring forward-thinking Infrared Heaters.

The combination of IR heaters and yoga is a ground-breaking idea that has both physical and mental benefits to keep your chakras aligned. Continue reading to find out more about this dynamic duo…

Infrared Glass Panel for yoga

Yoga is incredibly beneficial to the body, mind and soul. It can give you a sense of balance to help ease stress and anxiety. With proven benefits for your physical health, it has the ability to help you increase flexibility and gain strength. What happens when you incorporate Infrared Heating Panels into the mix though?

What Exactly Is Hot Yoga?

This ‘bizarre’ trend is continually gaining both popularity and credibility, with many studios opting for Infrared Heaters as their primary heat source.

Hot Yoga is essentially normal yoga – just in a rather hot environment. What makes it so great though is the boost in the benefits of standard yoga. It will allow you to test your true limits, helping you to stretch further and make your heart and lungs work harder. This will burn extra calories for a much better overall cardio workout.

Thanks to infrared, performing yoga in the heat will increase your blood flow and relax your muscles, making it easier for your body to recover after the session. Find out more about the health benefits of infrared here!


Why Use Infrared?

Many studios have begun using infrared to conduct Hot Yoga as it is a much more directional form of heat. The outdated way to heat a room was with convectional radiators which work by heating the air, leaving the area prone to cold spots. Another issue with using convection is the difficult task of maintaining consistent temperatures, causing an extremely uneven distribution of heat.

Infrared, however, uses far infrared rays which are 100% safe, even natural. The way they work is by heating the objects within the room, including each individual. The best way to envision infrared is to picture the way the sun heats the Earth as it is exactly the same form of heat – only without the harmful UV rays!

By heating those in the room, they will feel increased benefits on their muscles and joints as it will be warming the tissues directly. This will boost your blood flow, resulting in metabolic waste being expelled from your muscles.

Another benefit is that the clean air that won’t dry you out or get stuffy. Consequently, this makes the environment your exercising in feel pleasantly warm without you feeling the exhaustion of being in a hot room. The heat you feel will be therapeutic, not oppressive, allowing you to exercise for longer.


Diagram of Infrared vs Convection

Heating Up Your Studio

If you’re looking to transform your studio to offer Hot Yoga classes, or if it is for personal use, we have a whole host of products perfect for you.

The simplest way to warm the area would be to employ Bar Heaters which kick out a rather significant amount of heat. These would work best for a larger studio that is harder to heat as they work out much more cost-effective compared to other forms of heaters.

With the demand to supply heating to studios surely on the rise, a typical trend in sales seems to be the plain White IR Panels. What makes these so popular is the minimalistic design that will keep up with the soothing aesthetic customarily seen within a yoga studio.

Since infrared is so directional, it is best to ceiling mount them promptly above where the exercise will take place. They will appear discreet and unobtrusive while dramatically changing the way you work out.

For small studios, or for personal use, why not take a look at our Glass IR Range. Incredibly contemporary in design, this premium range of heaters features a slender slab of glass that people simply won’t believe is a heater.

Hot Yoga studio

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