Infrared panels propose many different advantages including discreet heat, being kind to the environment and aiding a healthy lifestyle. But, are they beneficial to your bank account?

Cheap Running Costs

Low amounts of power equals low costs. In comparison to the 2 kW/h a convector heater would output, IR heaters will only use 0.29 – 0.8 kW/h. This significantly lower energy usage results in much lower costs. Also as IR heats surface area and not volume, it will need less energy and is even cheaper to run.

All-in-all, switching to infrared heating could save you up to 60% on energy bills. Not to mention our smaller sized panels will be even cheaper than the larger!

Individually Controlled

By being able to control each heater individually, you can heat the individual rooms you are occupying rather than the entire house and wasting heat. Unlike basic heaters, IR panels can be run per hour.

To really get intelligent with your heating, opt for a NXT Gen panel which has a host of wonderfully smart features.

The Adaptive Start will wake the panel up early and reach a specific temperature at a specific set time so your space is warm before you wake up. With the 7-Day Timer allows you set again set temperatures for weekdays and weekends. With Automated Temperature Control, your panel will turn on and off automatically to maintain your chosen heat. Open Window Detection will shut the heater down when there is a drop in temperature in a 3 minute window.

Start-Up Time

When you usually pop on a standard gas or convector heater you will notice that it takes a little while for the space to actually warm up.

This will never be the case with IR heaters as they take little to no time to start emitting heat that you can actually feel. Their efficiency of bouncing energy around also helps to get the warmth out quickly, well-spread and does not let it escape in a convection current.

In addition, you will also spend less time with the actual panel on as it will be warmer quicker to save you money on energy bills.

Zero Maintenance

Maintenance? That’s something you’ll hardly have to consider with our IR panels. After the ease of simply drilling four holes to install, again something you don’t have to pay money for an electrician to do; our heaters will take care of themselves.

As infrared panels have no moving parts, there is little that could go wrong. This means, unlike a gas boiler that would have to be replaced and checked on, IR heating would never need to be serviced.

To prevent the slight touch of dust, which the panel is protected against with an IP rating of 54, simply give it a wipe with a microfiber cloth.

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