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You may have seen our Aurora or Helios range, they’re some of our most popular products! That’s why we took a look at what was missing, and we’ve massively expanded our outdoor range with even more options for you to choose from. We’ve put together this handy product guide to help you get to grips with all these

Note: All of our outdoor heaters have at least an IPX4 rating, meaning they’re protected from splashes of water, and can thus be used when it’s raining. However, some of them we would recommend bringing inside when not in use, to reduce corrosion.

How Much Heating Do I Need?

We’ve put together this handy guide to how many heaters you’ll need in an outdoor space to ensure you’re warm enough. To summarise: Measure the volume of the area you’re trying to heat (so the length of the area multiplied by the width, then taking the resulting number and multiplying it by the height), then multiply this number by 35.

When installing a heater outside, however, we need to account for environmental factors and the fact that there will be no insulation. For extra certainty, triple the above number. This give you an idea of how powerful a heater you’ll need.

Even our most basic model offers up 1200 watts of power, so you can be certain they’re all capable of producing enough warmth for outdoor use.

Freestanding Designs

The key new options to look at are our freestanding heaters! Bar heaters are mounted on a wall, which can make them a little inflexible. Freestanding heaters can be moved to your liking, giving you extra customisation on a day-to-day basis.

Freestanding doesn’t mean they’re flimsy, or liable to be blown over in strong winds. For example, the 1800W EQ Heat Electric Freestanding Tower Patio Heater Black With Remote & Light is incredibly durable, and weighs in at 22kg which ensures it is very secure.

For something smaller and more compact, but no less practical, the 1200W EQ Heat Electric Table Top Patio Heater Black is a great option that can easily sit on any table. It will also oscillate creating a more natural feeling heat that can be spread amongst everyone sat around it.

Heating On A Budget

In addition to our brand-new freestanding heaters, we have a few new bar heaters, like the 2000W EQ Heat Electric Bar Patio Heater Silver. This heater is a little less advanced compared to our Aurora range, but it will still offer up lots of powerful radiant heat. This makes it a fantastic budget option that will make for an instant upgrade compared to a gas-powered heater.

More designs mean more options, so get the perfect heater for your perfect patio! Want to find out more? You can give our team a call on 0116 321 4124, or send us an email at sales@suryaheating.co.uk.

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