For people who are unaware of the newest and most energy efficient type of heating system, Infrared Heating is revolutionising the way that people are heating their homes. The cost effective heaters that leave a very small carbon footprint are a hit!


Rather than heating the air around them like convectional heaters, Infrared Panels heats objects and people directly meaning that the majority of their energy is used to heat solid objects in a room. This creates a more constant, comfortable level of warmth as only a small amount of the heat warms the surrounding air.

When compared to conventional heating systems, you can see how much more energy efficient infrared heating is:

Type of Heater Power Consumption
Standard Electric Fire 2.0 kW/h
Electric Fan Heater 2.0 kW/h
Convector Heater 1.5 kW/h
Oil-Filled Electric Heater 1.0   -1.5 kW/h
IR Panel Heater 0.29 – 0.8 kW/h


As stated, IR Panels consume a fraction of electrical power in comparison to the other heaters; saving you a lot of money on the electric bills- what else could you ask for! As for how the infrared panels are made, we are about to answer all of your questions!

What It’s Made Of

The Infrared Panels themselves are manufactured using aluminium. The aluminium surface reaches a temperature of 115 degrees giving your room that impressive heat whilst it fires infrared beams all around. The fact that the aluminium can get very hot, we suggest that the panels are mounted high up on the wall to avoid any minor burns.

The aluminium makes up the front of the panel, however the back-end consists of a standard 240v junction box/connector, 3 meters of heavy duty flex, a UK 3-pin plug as well as two sturdy aluminium fixing brackets, each with 2 cross-hair bolt insertion holes. This allows you to ensure that your panel is securely affixed to your wall or ceiling and to position it in the right spot on your wall.


The Different Types of Infrared Panels

There are several different types of IR Panels: White IR Heating Panels, Images IR Heating Panels, Custom Printed IR Panels and Mirrored IR Heating Panels.

Our White IR Heating Panels are the most discrete panels that we sell; minimalizing the look of the heater- you won’t even know its in the room! Available in many different sizes and wattages, find the right size and power for your room!

Image IR Heating Panels are also available in a range of different sizes and pre-printed images, varying from Nature images to Artistic images. The simplicity of these heaters will look more decorative than typical conventional heaters, which also take up a lot more space. Again, our panels don’t look like your typical heater!

Custom Printed IR Panels allows you to have an image of your choice printed directly onto the PET surface with 5 different size options- the possibilities are endless!

The Mirrored IR Heating Panels we offer are perfect for use in the bathroom. The fact that our panels give out an impressive amount of infrared heat means that they don’t steam up!

Where You Can Install Them

All of the different types of IR Panels are able to be mounted on a wall or a ceiling using either the fixing kit that’s supplied or a suspension kit/mounting frame.

Instructions are provided with every Infrared Panel that we sell alongside a template to ensure that you’re able to place the wall blots accurately.

Wherever you decide to home your Infrared Panel, the main thing you’ll notice is how much space they save due to the fact the panels hide in plain sight! Because of their 23-25mm depth, they’ll fit flush to any surface upon you decide to install them.

Our heaters can be moved from room to room, making them incredibly versatile! This can be done whether the panels are simply removed from the wall or as a free standing unit.

If you wish to invest in these cost-effective heaters after seeing all of the benefits, don’t hesitate to visit our website or give us a call on 0116 3214 124, we’re happy to help! We’re also on Facebook and Twitter- check out our up-to-date accounts for all things Infrared Heating related!