Being quite new to the UK, Infrared heating is starting to wave its current over the country and convert convectional heating users to IR radiation.

There are so many advantageous reasons to invest in our heating panels and we’re going to break them down with you right here.

Energy Efficiency

With incredible efficiency, our IR panels will only use a small fraction of electrical input compared to regular electrical fire, fan heater or convector.

To put it into context, a standard convector will use in between 1 and 1.5 kW/h (Kilowatts per hour). Comparatively, our heaters only use somewhere from 0.29 to 0.8 kW/h. Obviously our smaller sized panels will use the less amount.

They also have an even spread of heat across any area to avoid stuffiness in a space and heat clouding one section.

Saving You Money

By demanding a lesser amount of energy than convectional heaters, IR saves you money on your electric bills. You can save up to 50% just by making the switch today with us.

To really pinch your pennies, purchase an Electric Plug-in Thermostat with 24 Hour Control. This handy little device will switch your heater on and off in order to stay at the temperature you want it to be at. Smart, right? Therefore, by turning off when it is not needed – you will be saving extra, unnecessary costs.

Sweet And Simple Installation

Without a boiler or pipes needed, our heaters are quick and easy to install. Simply install the panel or bar heater onto a wall or ceiling and plug it in. After doing this quick activity, you won’t need to fuss over your purchase again.

Get a clean finish with a Suspension Kit or Mounting Panels for the ultimate smug feeling when your guests ask if it was installed by a professional.

Low To No Maintenance

Factoring that our panels contain no confusing parts, there is a slim chance anything can go wrong. All you need to do is plug and play, after this there will be extremely little maintenance that could leave you out of pocket. For example, you can wipe it down with a cloth if it gets a little dusty but won’t have to call and pay a professional in to fix it.

Our heaters will never need a service or be checked by an expert as they just heat objects and not the air around them so, they will never feel the backlash of their own heat to damage them.

Protecting Your Home

Mounting an IR panel heating system in your house is very beneficial as it has a unique way of spreading heat into the rooms. As the heat is in electromagnetic waves, your walls will stay very dry – reducing the growth or spread of mould.

The air in your home will also remain cleaner and free of any allergenic particles thanks to IR heating. This makes living easier for your family and your house more comfortable for guests.

More Living Space And Less Mess

Unlike bulky convection heaters protruding from your wall, IR heating panels can be installed onto a wall – like a photo frame or mirror – or suspended from a ceiling. Thus, now you can use the free lower wall space for other furniture or a new arrangement.

Aesthetically, our panels are very discreet. Available in monochromatic editions, with pre-selected images or with your custom design, our heaters are often confused for posters as they are so discreet in their true purpose!

Health Is Wealth

Looking after their owners, our caring IR panels heat the molecules in objects and our bodies to warm us up from the inside. This results in stimulation of the circulatory system and inner warmth that cannot be provided from any other heating source – except for maybe a good hot drink!

Assisting the fight against allergies and illnesses, like asthma or bronchitis, IR heat will not circulate hot air around the room – which carries dust particles.

Finally, if you wear contact-lenses, you may be happy to discover that the dust free, cleaner air will give your eyes a chance to breathe and not dry them out to make you highly uncomfortable.

Never A Risk

With you and your loved ones important to us, we would not sell you something that was remotely harmful to you.

Infrared are the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Sun to keep the Earth warm. Thus, we are certain our heating is naturally, healthy and will not damage your skin. In comparison to the Sun, which produces Ultraviolet radiation that burns the skin, our heaters will only produce pure IR rays.

Eco-Friendly Always

To keep your fingers green, our products give off zero emissions which make them environmentally friendly and may even result in reducing your homes carbon footprint.

Programmed to emit pure radiation, drink low amounts of energy and intelligently designed to work around you – it’s no mystery why IR Heating is becoming a trailblazer.

If you like what you’ve read and think you need some IR heating in your life, take a scroll through the website, contact our team on 0116 321 4124 or send an email to Follow us socially on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.