So, you’ve decided to purchase an Infrared heating panel and now you are a little confused as to how you are going to go about it.

Have no fear – we have created an idiot-proof guide to buying your heater from the size you need to the design on it.

Many of our customers will ask us the same questions when it comes to making a purchase. Before ordering, take a read and hopefully the whole process seems a little clearer.


Size Matters

With a variety of different sized panels to choose from, the measurement of the unit will depend on the proportions of the room it’ll be installed in. By rule of thumb – the larger the panel, the more heat will be emitted.

We have a range of 5 sizes on offer including:

  • 595 x 595mm
  • 595 x 995mm
  • 595 x 1195mm
  • 795 x 1195mm
  • 995 x 1195mm

The perfect panels for a suspended grid ceiling are the 595 x 595mm and 595 x 1195mm as they will blend in with ease.

Full Of Power

Measured in watts, the power of the panel will depend on the size you have opted for.

Our choice of wattages contains:

  • 350W
  • 580W
  • 700W
  • 900W
  • 1200W

Depending on the arrangement of the area, it may be a better choice to purchase two panels that have the equivalent wattage to the overall number required. For example – you could buy two 350W units instead of a single 700W panel.

Similarly, if you have a larger space and need more power than what we offer, you can simply purchase multiple panels. For example – if you are after 1850W, you can pair the 1200W and 900W panels for ample heating.

What Panel Do You Need?

Now you know what we have an offer, let’s calculate which IR heater is the best for your space. You will need to have the measurements of the area and how well insulated it is.

First, multiply together the length, width and height of the room to calculate the volume in mᶾ.

You will then need to multiply the volume by the approximate number of watts required for the insulation strength. Poorly insulated spaces will need 30W per mᶾ, moderately insulated spaces will need 25W per mᶾ and well insulated spaces will need 20W per mᶾ.

For example:

A room is 4m x 5m x 2.4m and is well insulated.

The volume is 4m x 5m x 2.4m = 48 mᶾ.

The wattage required is 48 x 20 = 960W.

Therefore, a 350W and 580W would be great combined or just a 900W panel.

Designing Your Panel

No two panels have to be the same with our range of designs. Style them so they adapt to your vibe and fit your personal taste.

There are five types of panel on offer including:

For commercial spaces, we recommend the White panels as they blend in beautifully with the ceiling panels for a seamless finish. You can choose between a Classic panel or a NXT Gen one.

Image and Custom Image panels have the image printed onto directly onto the panel for added charm. Both these varieties of heaters come with NXT Gen features. The Custom heaters are a favourite as you can send in your own picture to us for approval before being printed.

Our Mirror and Glass panels are incredibly chic and very different. They are a great conversation starter and look very classy in the home.

Location, Location, Location

Where to put your panel may be a difficult decision but, we have a number of tricks and accessories that you can use to maximise usage of the heater.

Use the steel brackets and enclosed screws to mount the panel onto the wall to somewhat resemble a photo frame.

By using one of our suspension kits, you can hang the panel from the ceiling to save floor space and ensure an even spread of heat. This also ensures you are safe from accidentally touching the panel and risk-free of subsequent injury.

Opt for panel stands to affix to the bottom. This will give you the freedom to place the panel anywhere you like and flexibility to use it in any room or space.


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