Future-proofing your home means looking into more eco-friendly ways of heating it. What makes electric boilers a great option for the environmentally conscious?

Electric boilers make for a fantastic upgrade that is very accessible for just about every home, But they’re an especially great option if you’re still using a gas or other combustion-based boiler, as they are capable of doing everything they do more efficiently.

Here’s a breakdown on some of the reasons that electric boilers are a great upgrade if you want a greener home.


Electric boilers boast a near 100% efficiency rate. That simply means that most of the energy they receive gets turned into thermal energy that you can use. Modern gas boilers get close to 95% efficiency, but electric boilers push the boat out even further.

This is because electric boilers use electrical power instead of combustion energy. This is a much simpler conversion of power, with less opportunities for drops in efficiency.

This also means that your boiler will be able to maintain a constant temperature much more easily, since it doesn’t have to keep burning fuel. That prevents sudden peaks and troughs of energy, which can hamper the efficiency of your heating.

Renewable Energy

It would be wrong to say that an electric boiler is entirely carbon neutral. They don’t burn fossil fuels on site, but they do require the electricity they use to come from somewhere. In the UK, a lot of the energy we use is generated from renewable sources (like solar or wind power) but not all of it, so there is always a chance your boiler is being powered by less green means.

One thing you can do is ask for your energy provider to make sure you’re on a renewable tariff. You could also consider installing your own sources of renewable energy, such as a solar panel array, which would guarantee your power is always green.

Electric boilers are amazing value for money, being relatively cheap to purchase and install, so you can take a lot of the money you save and easily reinvest it into a source of private renewable energy.

Even though the UK is hardly known for having constant sunshine, there’s certain to be enough to at least supplement your energy supply, if not replace it entirely. With the already mentioned energy-efficiency of an electric boiler, solar panels and other renewable energy sources become a lot more viable.


To further reduce the environmental impact of your heating, you’ll want to make sure it’s a reliable as possible. Broken or malfunctioning heaters can cost you a fortune due to reduced efficiency, and even repairing or replacing your boiler can have an environmental impact, as energy is needed to manufacture new parts!

Luckily, electric boilers are very reliable, with lifespans lasting for as long as 25 years!

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