When you’ve been working all day, all you want to do is go back to a warm and cosy home. Having the means for correct heating is vital to ensure comfort, not just for you, but your loved ones too. It doesn’t just help you deal with drastic changes within the weather, but it also helps keep your mood and productivity levels in tip-top condition.

Our infrared heating panels will do all of this for a fraction of the price of regular heating methods, with the addition of a few handy health benefits too.

Keep Your Comfort Levels Up

We’ve all had times when we’ve came home, or even woken up to a freezing cold house – there is certainly no mood killer quite like it. This is why it is so crucial to maintain a healthy heat range in the home, so you stay motivated knowing you’re coming back to contentment.

This incentive doesn’t just increase alertness but also increases productivity, so you can finish off everything you need to do without wanting to get straight into bed.

Health Comes First

Keeping warm isn’t just imperative for you. If by any chance there are any vulnerable people in the home, it is even more crucial for them to stay warm too. For example, any babies/young children, elderly, or those with physical and mental health conditions need to be looked after the most.

As a matter of fact, there has been a giant surge in infrared heating being used in saunas, this is simply because of the prodigious effects infrared has on the body. One to keep note of, is the way they increase blood flow.

This boost actually eases chronic pain and promotes healthy cell and organ function – leaving you looking healthy and feeling great.

Never Settle For Poor Quality

The use of infrared heating panels over the standard convection radiators have fantastic benefits on your respiratory system.

Many people with asthma, for example, tend to avoid putting the central heating on as it sets their conditions off, however breathing in the cold air actually does more damage than good.

Our IR heating panels actually heat the objects including yourself, meaning no dust particles are circulated around the room. On top of this, there is no dry air because it isn’t the air itself being heated.

Any damp or mould issues won’t be anything to worry about once you make the change either. This is due to mould being completely eradicated and damp being greatly reduced, again providing you with a better air supply.

Our IR mirror panels are great to combat these problems, as they look exceptional in a bathroom where most damp/mould issues take place.

This has life-changing benefits for those in need, as they can stay warm but better yet, stay healthy.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

It is no secret that there is a direct link between warmer weather and improved mood. This is why there have been numerous studies using infrared heating to help treat major depressive disorders.

Infrared heating panels actually emit the same heat as the sun, just without the harmful UV rays, so it is an incredibly refreshing heat source. The physical warmth from the sun has a notable antidepressant effect, causing the same outcome with infrared.

A warm temperature that isn’t uncomfortable indisputably lifts your state of mind. It is believed that by warming the skin, electrical signals within the sensory neurones are increased – causing a pleasant stimulation.

Dr Christopher Lowry, PhD, has studied into using infrared heating to help treat these mental conditions, and concludes that: Infrared heat waves are ideal as they don’t penetrate into the body, and primarily heat the skin.

Heat up your home with one of our custom image panels – you could personalise it with a picture of your happy place, or just an image you find soothing.

Stay In Control

The government has stated that especially in the winter, UK households should keep their average temperature within the ranges of 18 – 21 °C. With a normal convection electric heater or standard central heating, this would cause your bills to be through the roof.

Fortunately, due to modern technology, infrared heating panels slash your bills while heating your home efficiently. Waiting around to feel the benefits will be no more because as soon as the panel is turned on, you’ll feel the heat instantly.

Our NXTGEN Panels actually come with smart tech, and a remote so you can control the temperature output. This includes putting the panel on a timer, so your home can be consistently heated at any time.

No Hassle

Without the need for boiler systems or pipework, the maintenance and installation of the panels are extremely easy. Just hook it up to a 240V mains input and you’ll be good to go.

The only maintenance you’ll need to do is giving it the occasional wipe down with a dry, soft cloth to get rid of any dust that may be attracted.

With a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours, you won’t need to worry about these products being a waste of money either, as you’ll be sure to get your money back, and more.

If you have any questions about our IR heating panels, or how to effectively heat your home, give us a call on 0116 321 4124, or email us at sales@suryaheating.co.uk.

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