Keep your chickens and cats cosy, horses happy and turtles toasty warm as we delve into the thick of the coldest time of year!

Our Infrared heaters are not only suitable for domestic and commercial purposes, but can also be used to keep the fluffiest of family members warm as well! With a host of advantages and health benefits, why wouldn’t you opt for IR to keep your pet out of the cold this winter?

A common choice for kennels, catteries, stables and more, IR is taking the pet world by storm! So, how does Infrared heating work and why is it so desirable for animals.

How Does IR Work?

Unlike standard radiators that will heat the air around them to create a convection current, our units will emit IR waves that bounce around the space. These rays will hit into objects and people, that will then absorb the heat and re-emit any leftover energy into the space for the process to continue.

With a host of benefits, it is popular for pet homes because they can be...

Installed In Different Ways

We all know that different animals are different sizes. So, why would you use a floor heater for a horse? Seems inefficient and simply illogical.

Our heaters can be installed in 3 different ways. You can wall mount, suspend or even affix a set of Panel Stands to the unit and have it move around with you.

If you perhaps have a pet that you keep inside the home, like a cat or dog, a panel on the wall might be a great option. For stables or barns, it may be better to opt for a bar heater to reach maximum heat for horses and livestock and provide efficient distribution of warmth over a wider area.

By selecting the right installation option, you can ensure your pet stays safe, has no risk of being burnt and their little home stays as pretty as can be!

We suggest that you point the heater in the direction in which the pet sleeps. With this being the focal point, you can ensure that – not only are they warm – but their bedding is too for when they take a nap.

Maintained At A Safe Level Of Heat

Thanks to different control options, like a remote or thermostat, you can ensure the space stays at a safe and comfortable heat for your pet. As animals are made for certain habits, naturally having hair or blubber for warmth, it is key that you maintain the heat of their natural surroundings.

For example, with a NXT Gen panel – you can use the Automated Temperature Control to have the unit switch on and off to regulate a chosen heat. Or with a thermostat, it can plug into the wall and be unobtainable by wandering paws so you never have to worry about it being tampered with!

It is also recommended, if you are unsure of what temperature to select, to test one with the animal and watch closely how they react. If they seem uncomfortable, you can adjust accordingly.

Beneficial To Your Pets Health

With health advantages to humans, IR is also beneficial to your 4-legged friends!

By the waves hitting targets on a molecular level, the heaters will aid the muscle condition, elasticity, suppleness and performance in your pet. It can also relieve sore or stiff muscles and keep them relaxed – especially as it gets colder outside.

Did you know that many horse owners use Infrared Heat Therapy (IHT) in which a horse can ‘sunbathe’ under a panel to get a Vitamin D boost? Not only will this provide the advantages above, but give them a healthy shiny coat, increase their oxygen supply and ease any cramps.

Cleaned With Ease

It’s no surprise that animals can get a little mucky now and then so their surroundings will too.

Without having moving parts, our units require little maintenance in general. During their 30-year lifespan, the heater will need the occasional wipe down with a microfibre cloth.

In the event that slobber, food or dirt get onto the heater, you can just use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away the mess – using wide and even strokes. You also don’t have to fear any kind of water damage as the heaters are protected against splashes of water at a minimum.

Unharmful To Your Pet

Unlike halogen lamps, IR heaters have no glare to prevent their eyes being damaged. This also will aid their sleep as it will not be interrupted by a constant orange glow.

This can be a big problem for pets kept in smaller enclosures – like reptiles – as they are at a closer proximity to the heater.

We’re Here For You!

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