Surya’s revolutionary Infrared panels are vastly improving heating solutions in the UK and are wowing our customers with their efficiency, health and money-saving benefits.

Our IR panel heaters have many advantages but, one of the most attractive ones is that they require minimal maintenance during their 30 year lifespan.

When you purchase one of our wonderful panels, you will find that each unit contains an aluminium panel and frame, a junction box, 3 metres of cable and a standard 3-pin plug. You can easily install these by mounting them to a ceiling with a suspension kit or on the wall, or use them as a free-standing frame with a panel stand.

Regular convection heaters will require general maintenance every so often. This may include much dusting, visits from professionals and big pay-outs for new heating systems.

Minimal Maintenance

Upgrading your heating to Infrared will mean you can have the simplicity of easy maintenance. The only costs you will need is of a microfiber cloth!

When cleaning, we advise you remove the plug from the socket and wait until your panel has cooled down before wiping it gently with a cloth – using wide and even strokes.

Our White IR, Glass and Mirror IR Panels will require a slightly dampened cloth; whereas an Image and Custom IR Panel will need a dry cloth. Please do not use any liquid or harsh chemicals on an Image or Customer IR Panel as this may cause irreparable damage.

What About The Bar Heaters?

We have a wide range of beautiful Bar Heaters that will also need equal amounts of TLC.

To keep your unit looking as attractive as can be, give it wipe with a cloth regularly. If you do not keep up with this, dust may settle on the little gaps and burn when the heater is on - causing it to stay there and create a white shadow across the heater.

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