Just how good for the planet are heat pumps?

There are loads of amazing benefits that come from swapping to heat pumps from gas boilers, but what about their environmental impact? We’re unpacking exactly how eco-friendly these machines are!

Improved Efficiency

Heat pumps represent a massive improvement on older heating systems in terms of how much energy they actually need to function.

Look at it this way, gas, oil and electric furnaces all convert one form of energy into another. Thus, you cannot ever get more energy out than you put in, and crucially a lot of energy can be lost along the way.

With heat pumps, there is no conversion process. They take thermal energy from the environment (whether it is from the ground or the air, depending on the type of heat pump you have), compress it to make it more effective, and then move it around where you need it.

While this means that heat pumps don’t get quite as hot as other methods of heating, they’re perfectly good at creating a comfortable heat that won’t cost you a fortune. That means there’s a lot less energy wasted, with the average heat pump boasting a 300% efficiency rate.

In simple terms, no matter where the energy is coming from, heat pumps are much better for the environment!

Zero Carbon Emissions

Older heating systems burn fuel directly to function, whereas heat pumps operate off of electricity. This is partially why they’re so much more efficient, there’s a lower margin for error.

Did you know that by using an air source heat pump, you could cut your carbon emissions by more than 23 tonnes of CO2 over the course of 10 years? That’s roughly the equivalent of 30 return flights from Heathrow to Madrid!

As an added bonus, this lack of combustion makes heat pumps a lot safer, and a lot less prone to suddenly breaking.

Renewable Energy Sources

Of course, just because you’re not creating carbon emissions in your home doesn’t mean that your heat pump is entirely carbon neutral- they still use power, and that power has to come from somewhere. However, when it comes to electricity in the UK, roughly 43% of all energy produced comes from renewable sources.

As an added bonus, various green mandates from the government (and the increasing costs of gas-based power) means that that number is set to increase! You can also check with your energy supplier to see if you can ensure the majority of the power you receive comes from renewable sources.

However, the best way to guarantee that your heat pump is using renewable sources is to install them in your home yourself! Solar panels are perfectly viable to use with your heat pump (because heat pumps are so efficient), even in the cloudy UK.

This can actually wind up saving you a fortune on your energy bills, and ensures you’re not beholden to rising prices!

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