Browsing our range of thermostats but not sure which one is best for your home? We’re breaking down what they can do at a glance to make this choice as easy as possible.

Thermostats are a key part of any heating setup, they’re a simple way to take control and tell your heaters what to do.  Getting the right one will help you manage your heating, get your bills under control and enjoy a more comfortable home, all with minimal effort.

Which thermostat is best for you depends on what you need.

1)     You Want To Upgrade Your Panel…

If you’re using one of our classic panels and are looking to upgrade, then the NXT Gen thermostat is a quick and easy way to get all the benefits of NXT Gen panels without having to throw out your old one.

That means you get:

  • Adaptive Start (the panel will switch on early so your room reaches the right temperature at the right time)
  • 7-Day Schedule
  • Open Window Detection (the panel will switch off if you open a window to save energy)

And all you need to do is plug the thermostat in, then plug your heater into the thermostat. It’s that simple!

All of these make for a simple fuss-free way to control your heating, with a simplified way to automate things to your liking.

2)     You Want To Control Your Heating From Your Phone

NXT Gen panels can be controlled by a remote, but what if you want to control your heating from your phone? Then you need a WIFI Enabled Option, such as the Mirrorstone 2000 WI-FI Touch Thermostat or the Wi-Fi Plug in Thermostat

The 2000 is best for general heating control, while the WIFI Plug In is a great way to upgrade a single Infrared panel- so it operates similarly to our range of Solis WIFI panels.  Both are compatible with integrated smartphone apps, meaning you can control your heating from anywhere in the world!

This also enables:

  • Family sharing (you can set up your family through the app so everyone can control the heating)
  • Voice control
  • Room control

3)     Wait, What’s That External Temperature Sensor?

OK, this one isn’t a thermostat- but it does connect to your thermostat. This External Temperature Sensor is compatible with the Mirrorstone 2000 thermostat and is a great way to get a truly accurate temperature reading while installing the thermostat itself in a more convenient place.

Crucially, this sensor is waterproof, so it can be installed in bathrooms where a thermostat cannot. This makes it a great choice for bathroom heating!

4)     You Want To Keep Things Simple…

The Salus RF Digital Programmable Thermostat is a great option if just want a traditional digital thermostat. It can be set with a programmable schedule, and offers extra functions such as sleep and holiday mode but this can be turned off if you prefer.

This makes it a particularly popular choice for people who want something more efficient and easier to control than an analogue thermostat, but are put off by lots of extra controls and automation.

An Important Note

Some of our panels come with on-board thermostats integrated into the panels themselves, which means they’re not compatible with external thermostats. This includes:

  • Our NXT Gen Range
  • Our Solis Range
  • Selected Bar Heaters
  • Our Image Panels

These thermostats are best used to upgrade our simpler panels, such as the glass and mirror panel ranges as well as the classic range.

We hope this product guide helped you get an understanding of our thermostat range! If you’ve got any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch by giving us a ring on 0116 321 4120, or by sending us an email to

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