1. £460.00 and above (91)
  1. 1200w (91)
Panel Size
  1. 800mm x 1200mm (3)
  2. 1000mm x 1200mm (91)
  1. Living Room (91)
  2. Dining Room (89)
  3. Kitchen (83)
  4. Hall (83)
  5. Bedroom (91)
  6. Bathroom (83)
  7. Office (79)
Recommended Fixing
  1. Wall/Ceiling (25)
  2. Wall (69)
Panel Brightness
  1. Bright (80)
  2. Dark (13)
  3. Grayscale (1)
Choose Your Image Style
  1. Nature (39)
  2. Animals (6)
  3. Urban & Architecture (11)
  4. Cosmos (1)
  5. Artistic (47)
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1000 x 1200 Printed Infrared Heating Panels

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1-24 of 91

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If you’re looking to provide heat for a large area of your home like a bedroom or a living room, our 1000 x 1200 Printed Infrared Heating Panels are more than up to the job.

Not only do they beam out 1200W of clean and healthy IR heat, but the images printed onto them help them blend into their surroundings – they don’t look like heaters at all!

The 1000 x 1200mm sized panels mount onto your wall or ceiling easily thanks to the included screws, brackets and template.

Once plugged into the 230V, the surfaces reach temperatures of up to 110oC, though they remain safe to touch because of the way they dissipate heat.

The choice of images include stunning scene from both an urban and rural setting, ensuring there’s a print for all tastes.

To anyone who doesn’t know any better, our panels simply appear as if they are printed images hung up on a wall for decorative purposes – highlighting one of the main advantages of our IR electric heaters.

A highly popular option in this range is our 1000 x 1200 Thunderstorm Printed Frameless Infrared Heating Panel. It features a brilliant image of New York City being struck by a bolt of lightning.

If none of our images tickle your fancy, then why not pick an image from your own personal library on our custom printed IR panels? This helps add a real personal touch to your electric heaters.

How Many Units Do You Need?

It’s quite simple to calculate how many units you need for any given room. All you need is a tape measure, a calculator, and some knowledge about how well insulated your home is.

To begin with, you need to know the volume of your room. You can get this by measuring the length, width and height of your room, and multiplying the three figures together.

Then, the level of insulation will determine how much heat you need. Well insulated homes need just 20W per m3, and moderately insulated homes need 25W per m3. Poorly insulated homes need more, at 30W per m3.

Multiplying the recommended wattage per cubic metre by the volume of the room gives you the total wattage requirement, and from here, you can start to decide how many panels you need.

For example, if your total wattage requirement is 950W, you could go for one of our 960W infrared panels, or you could have a single 600W panel in conjunction with a 360W one.

Protecting Your Order

All our 1000 x 1200 Printed Infrared Heating Panels come with our 30 day home trial period as standard. This lets you return your panel to us for a full refund or exchange if you’ve changed your mind about anything.

They’re also covered by our 5 year replacement warranty in the event that anything goes wrong, though this is highly unlikely due to the lack of moving parts in our panels.

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