Take your patio heating to the next level with our guide to the various ways you can control it!

Our outdoor heating range has several different control methods for you to enjoy, with different options built to suit different lifestyles. We’ve put together this quick guide to the three main ways you can control our outdoor heaters.

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Manual Control

Our non-remote Aurora range as well as some of our other heaters can only be controlled directly from the heater itself. They feature basic and intuitive control panels integrated into their frames that will enable you to turn the heater on and off.

This is great for keeping things simple, but if you’re looking for extra convenience it might be worth considering one of our more advanced options.

Remote Control

Several of our heaters can be controlled through remote control! This is included as part of your purchase and marked by an icon on the product image, helping you to make an informed purchase.

These remotes let you quickly and easily control your heater at range, so there’s no need to stand up from a comfy spot and fuss over your heater, you can adjust things to your precise liking.

The exact features of these handy little devices depend on the heater you choose, but they all feature slender and intuitive designs that are easy for anyone to pick up and play.

The 2000W EQ Heat Electric Bar Patio Heater Black With Remote Control is a great option to start with.

WIFI Control

Our premium Aurora heaters can also be controlled via a remote control, but crucially they can also be controlled from your phone through WIFI.

A remote lets you control your heating from further away, WIFI capacity means you can control your heating from anywhere in the world! This also means you don’t have to worry about losing your remote.

Left the house and realise you’ve left your heater running? Open up the app and switch it off! In the kitchen making a snack to take outside and want the heater to be up and running when you make it outside? Turn it on from your phone!

You can also set up automated scheduling for total peace of mind.

This is a great option if you’re fond of garden parties, as it means you can keep your focus on being a fantastic host, and not have to stress about managing your heating.

As an extra bonus, this premium range also comes with a remote control bundled in. This is great if you want guests to be able to control the heating without having to give them access to your smart home ecosystem, or if you have family members without a phone.

Our WIFI range are all compatible with the Smart Life app, which means you can easily create an interconnected smart home system with zone control.

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