Our Solis and Nexus range of WIFI panels offer up amazing extra functionality, letting you get a fully automated heating system! Here’s how they work...

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Note: this guide is accurate at time of publication, but the functionality of our Solis and Nexus WIFI panels is dependent on the third-party Smart Life app.

Zone Control

Once your heaters are paired with the app, you can create different rooms within your house. This means each room can behave independently of every other room, which helps maximise the efficiency of each panel.

This is a massive upgrade compared to old-fashioned radiators, it’s a lot easier to heat the rooms you’re using without accidentally heating the rooms you are not.

Smart Automation

This is the key feature that can help you take true control of your heating, helping you save up 20% on your energy bills.

Smart automation takes a little setting up, it isn’t automatic. You need to tell your panel what you want it to do and when. However, once the setup is in place, you’ll be able to relax and let the heater work its magic, making micro adjustments if needed from your phone.

Automation runs off of specific triggers, so when certain things happen, certain actions can occur. Here are some of the triggers that you can pair with Nexus heaters.

  • Geofencing: Set a heater to turn on when you enter a room, or turn off when you leave!
  • Timed Actions: such as setting your heater to turn on at 8AM every morning.
  • Voice Trigger: ‘Hey Google/Alexa! Turn on the living room heater!’
  • Device Synchronisation: For example, you could ensure your AC turns off when your heater turns on if both are WIFI enabled.
  • Environment: such as turning the heater on if the temperature falls below a certain temperature.
  • Valid Time Period: You can make sure none of your other conditions will trigger during certain times of day, such as when you’re at work.

Automated triggers can be overridden by manual control, so you can always turn your heater on and off to your exact needs.

Group Control

Once you’ve got your automation triggers set up, you’ll want to hand out access to your heaters to the rest of your family via their own personal devices. This will let them control the heating just like you can!

You can also set up multiple permission levels with different privileges given to different members. This means that younger family members can’t mess around with your carefully setup home automations, but can still control things if they need to!

The world of home automation is a truly exciting one, with absolutely loads of potential for making your home more efficient, more cost effective, more convenient!

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