The UK government recently announced a support package to help us all cope with rising heating costs- what does it mean, and how else can you get ahead of the cost of living crisis?

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What Do I Get?

Every household in the UK will receive £400 automatically in October, with some households receiving an additional £650 if they are particularly vulnerable.

This is a grant, not a loan, so you will not have to repay it as was initially thought. You also don’t need to apply for it, it will be applied to your energy bills automatically if you pay via direct debit. If you have a pre-paid meter, it will be applied to that or you will be sent a voucher.

However, you may still feel the sting of rising heating bills because…

The Energy Price Cap Is Still Going Up

It is likely that your heating bills will continue to rise, even with this grant in place. That’s because the energy price cap has increased, and is looking likely to be increased again in October to a total of £2800.

It is also likely that this increase will be more than the grant, so you’ll still have less money in your pocket in the long term.

The grant will therefore be a bit of a relief, but we still need to look at how we heat our homes and find more ways to reduce our bills if we can.

Improve Your Insulation

58% of UK homes only meet the insulation standards of 1976 or earlier. This could cost a household as much as £900 a year in wasted energy.

Before you make any changes to your heating, you need to take a look at how well-insulated your property is. There are a number of relatively inexpensive ways that you can massively improve your

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a simple guide on home insulation that covers the most common upgrades, as well as a few you may not have heard about!

Is It Worth Switching To A New Supplier?

If you’re not on a fixed term tariff (or your fixed term contract is ending soon) it might be tempting to hop on a price comparison website to see if you can get a better deal. However, given the energy market is in crisis mode right now, it is unlikely you’ll find anything that is meaningfully cheaper.

While the market is currently in an unprecedented state, it is worth noting that if you use an entirely electric supplier instead of a combination of gas and electric, you can make big savings normally. It also gives you options for green tariffs, or domestic sources of renewable energy, which will be a lot less subject to market pressures in the future.

Long term, this may be something you want to consider. Our heating options can enable this…

Swap To More Efficient Heating

All the heating solutions we offer are electric, but they’re also efficient. Our electric boilers, for example, boast a 99% efficiency rate, while our air source heat pumps are closer to 300%. These make for amazing long-term upgrades that can help futureproof your home against energy crises.

Our IR panels are a low-cost entry point to a more efficient heating method, using radiant heat to warm you directly instead of heating the air around you. They look a lot like space heaters, with plug and play potential, so they’re easy to get into your home and get up and running quickly.

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