Electric boilers are an amazing upgrade, but they’re especially good option for certain households. Could yours be one of them?

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1)     You’re Off The Gas Grid

This is an easy one! If you’re not connected to the gas grid, there’s not much point going through all the expense of connecting to it for the sake of an inferior boiler. Get an electric boiler in for a low-cost low-carbon heating option.

2)     You’re Eco Conscious

It would be a misnomer to say that an electric boiler is entirely carbon neutral. It’s more accurate to say that that they don’t produce any emissions on site when running. They still have a carbon footprint, because the electricity they use has to come from somewhere, and this may involve non-renewable and carbon intensive sources of power.

However, they do have the potential to be completely carbon neutral. This could be from a domestic source of renewable energy such as a solar panel array, or it could be through a green tariff.

Long term, the UK is generally pivoting towards greener sources of fuel, so your electric boiler will get greener in the future.

Compare this to a gas or oil boiler. These will never be eco-friendly under any circumstances.

3)     You’ve Got A Smaller Home

Electric boilers work at their best with smaller homes that can heat up quickly. This helps offset the higher cost of electricity compared to gas, because their efficiency means they won’t have to run for very long.

Good insulation can also help with this. It’s why electric boilers are a popular option in new builds, which tend to have a very high standard of insulation.

In addition, electric boilers are incredibly compact. They don’t need flues like gas boilers and they can be easily popped into a cupboard of other small space, meaning you keep more space free for other things.

4)     You Can’t Get A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an absolutely amazing source of heating, with a 300% efficiency rate ensuring they’re great for saving money and for keeping your home green.

However, for a lot of UK homes, they’re not a practical option. They need a lot of outdoor space, and the involved installation process can make them prohibitively expensive- especially if you don’t qualify for the various grants available.

Electric boilers are a great alternative for those who can’t justify a heat pump in their home.

5)     Maintenance Stresses You Out

This is particularly key if you live in a high rise or other areas where it might be difficult for an engineer to get out to you. It’s also a great option if you hate having to take time out of your schedule (or even time off work) to organise sudden emergency repairs.

Electric boilers don’t have as many moving parts as gas boilers, so they’re a lot less likely to suddenly fail on you. Regular annual servicing (which is a lot simpler for an electric boiler) will further reduce this risk.

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